involves our consultants studying the project plan and its main goals which are the basis for the development of appropriate conclusions, opinions and reports. Eventually, they become the basis for further steps to obtain financing and develop a sales offer.


    In order to acquire an investor we operate on multiple levels. After creating an offer we refer it to various banks, investment funds, private equity/venture capital funds and other, potentially interested investors.
    Our work includes support of the pre-investment process (due diligence, investment planning model, etc.), economic and financial analysis and valuation, defining a medium-term ownership strategy, preparing information materials and lists of potential financial institutions which might be interested in the investment proposal.
    Then we present the list of selected investors in Poland and abroad. We also run the client presentation and provide detailed information on the company, as well as organize and conduct meetings with the company owners and interested investors.
    The following steps include investment services (price negotiations support, optimization of investment financing, etc.), operational phase planning (optimizing operations after concluding the investment) and an exit strategy.


    Internal audit is an independent verification and advisory activity of our specialists aimed at streamlining its operation and improving the factor necessary for the proper implementation of the project: verification of compliance with applicable laws and contractual provisions, verification of procedures, risk management, control systems and other project management processes.


    We provide complex project and administration support until all necessary permits are obtained. We provide assistance and professional consultancy at every stage. We provide pre- and as-built project documentation, help to collect all necessary documents, fill out applications and other necessary formal documents. We participate in acceptances necessary to obtain a permit. We provide legal assistance related to all permits.


    We assist in all legal aspects of the investment implementation projects. We prepare due diligence, give opinions on agreements, fill out applications and design models of documents. We have extensive expertise in the field of restructuring and recovery. We participate in negotiations and renegotiations. Thanks to our knowledge we are able to win favourable terms of payment and financial services for our clients.


    The high level of competence and specialist knowledge of our consultants and advisors form the basis of our success and guarantee satisfaction of our customers. The main products of expert services are analyses and opinions. We cooperate with many Polish and international external entities and individual experts from various fields of servicing and realization of investments. We try to meet all expectations of our customers.


    Operational support includes activities aimed at optimizing current projects and company activities in order to maximize operational efficiency and minimize implementation time. We participate at every stage of the investment. We advise on project development, help to obtain all appropriate permits, provide assessment and consultancy of implementation services. We assist in the selection of the best suppliers. Many years of experience in real estate and investment lets our experts minimize the risk of investment management. Companies which cooperate with us are experts in their respective fields.


    We constantly measure the effects of the project through strategic and operational controlling. Measuring the effects of the implemented plan include the analysis of strategy timeliness and the achieved indicators of strategic goals realization. These assess the degree of goal achievements and possible risk arising during the implementation of the investment. We assist in compiling reports of current services.


    Once the investment is concluded, we search for potential buyers of the facility or the company.
    We consult, organize and conduct the whole process of negotiating the terms of the transaction at every stage. We advise in the due diligence process which includes supervision of the preparation of all key finance, accounting, tax and legal documents and materials necessary to implement the planned structure and transaction schedule. All stages are realized in cooperation with specialists of different areas (legal and tax advisors). We prepare an integrated transaction plan which is the subject of analysis by potential buyers and investors.
    We participate in the negotiation of final terms of the sale and supervise their implementation.